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Random facts:

  • - 8.bit.writers on Instagram | 8 Bit Writers on YT
  • - Changes 17 times a day
  • - Collects coffee mugs
  • - Zombie fanatic

pixelated tree

My name is Gray! We’re a DID system and there are nearly 100 of us as of April 25th, 2024, but Gray and they/them pronouns is always safe with us.

Genres? Taste?

Our tastes very slightly alter from alter, but can encompass contemporary fiction, post apocalyptic, horror, low or soft fantasy, contemporary with a bit of spice, zombies, adventure, and especially romance (usually queer).

Who do you represent?

We love adding representation, not just of the things we experience, but we take representing our fellow humans very seriously and try to encompass anything that makes sense for the story and brings an accurate sense of feeling seen to those represented.

Okay, but who are you really?

A broken-hearted, hotwire started, collection of people too guarded. I'm a rising ocean and a hurricane; I'm a a car that won't stay in its own lane; I am someone who speaks what I believe to be the truth and I am nothing if not human.